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NWRG connects public agencies, not-for-profit organizations, and regulated industries with their customers and the communities they serve through a combination of traditional and innovative quantitative and qualitative research solutions that deliver meaningful results and drive informed and confident decisions.

Over the years, we’ve earned a reputation for tackling difficult research projects by applying creative solutions where out-of-the-box methods may fall short. Our passion is in crafting better research and we are determined to deliver the highest levels of accuracy and quality. Our talented researchers and professionals will team with you to design built-to-fit research solutions. All of our work is approached with a “whatever it takes” commitment to superior design, rigorous processes, and impactful insights.

Our Clients

We work primarily with government agencies, regulated industries, and non-profits, with a focus on transportation, energy and the environment.


We use a variety of survey and interview tools to help inform smarter government decisions and programs that support engagement, goodwill and advocacy.


We help transit agencies build support for and develop programs that increase the use of alternative modes of transportation that are good for the environment and local communities.


We develop research programs to evaluate innovative programs and services that support long-term environmental sustainability and reliable energy.


We work with state and local health departments and related communications firms to understand key drivers associated with health risk behaviors and to identify strategies to counter these factors.

What We Do

Northwest Research Group delivers the meaningful results needed to make confident decisions and drive change. We design market research that combines creative, out-of-the box solutions with methodological rigor and efficient, economic design.

We apply deep expertise in key sectors and advanced analytics to see beyond the data and into the behaviors and motivators that drive behaviors and decisions.

We use a comprehensive and completely transparent process that ensures your confidence in the final insights. All work is completed in compliance with ISO 20252:2012 Market Research Quality Standards.





Learn Who We Are

We’re passionate about making a difference.

We are a small but mighty research consultancy based in Seattle, Washington. Our world-class team has nearly 30 years’ experience designing and implementing research solutions for organizations across the country, with a focus on public agencies, non-profits, and regulated industries. We’re passionate about what we do, and the difference our work makes.

NWRG works closely with each client to help you get the information you need to make serious choices, whether it’s a billion-dollar decision or a thousand-dollar judgment call. The research we do impacts the everyday lives of people and businesses – from how often they get their mail to the water quality standards where they live – and our care and concern for public impact is reflected in everything we do.

Our clients trust us to provide the highest-quality research and to stand behind our work. Trying to understand how service changes will impact behavior or public opinion? Come to us. Need to defend your research to a regulatory body or your Board of Directors? We’ll be right there with you. From start to finish, NWRG is in your corner. We build-long term relationships with our clients, and they keep coming back.


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